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Friday, January 30, 2015 (PST)
netECHO Demos
Learn how easy our netECHO Audio Internet services are by watching our demo video:
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Our Audio Internet Services
Sasquatch has formed an exclusive partnership with InternetSpeech to bring netECHO Audio Internet services to the Santa Cruz area. What if you could surf the Internet, check your e-mail and even shop online through your phone without a computer? It's now a reality! Our netECHO service provides customers with the ultimate level of freedom when it comes to accessing the Internet. It's perfect for the mobile professional, the visually impaired, and anyone who doesn't have access to a computer.
For Consumers:
netECHO® lets people unleash the power of the Internet simply with the sound of their voice. netECHO lets users give simple voice commands like "Yahoo," or "e-mail" to get the Net-based information they want. See how easy it is to use by checking out our demos!

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For Businesses:
You've already invested in your Web site. Why not extend its accessibility to anyone with a telephone - not just those who access Internet using a computer? Our customized Voice/Audio Internet software will make your Web site or application contents available to callers who like using simple voice commands to get the information they want. Our Voice/Audio Internet technology can also be easily integrated to any existing back end applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM, company's personal communication systems and legacy IVR systems.

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