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How to Report Cybercrime
In the Internet era, cybercrime is an ever growing problem. E-mail scams, hackers and spyware can lead to credit card and identity theft. Other more serious offenses can put children at risk and involve terrorist activity. If you witness or suspect any kind of cybercrime, you should report it to the proper authorities. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know who to contact with the number and size of Federal agencies and the complicated nature of cybercrime. At Sasquatch Computer, we want the Internet to be safer and better for everyone. That's why we went to the Department of Justice Cybercrime site at www.cybercrime.gov, and found this list of which agencies to contact for which crimes.
Type of crime Who to contact
Internet fraud and SPAM
Computer intrusion (i.e. hacking)
Password Trafficking
Copyright (software, movie, sound recording) piracy
Theft of trade secrets
Trademark counterfeiting
Counterfeiting of currency
Child Pornography or Exploitation
Child Pornography and Internet Fraud matters that have a mail nexus
Internet harassment
Internet Bomb Threats
Trafficking in explosive or incendiary devices or firearms over the Internet
The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
If you're in doubt, check out the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IFCC). The IFCC was established in a partnership between the FBI and National White Colar Crime Center (NW3C). They serve as a central vehicle for dealing with all kinds of cybercrime. They deal with complaints about hacking, international currency counterfeiting, extortion, theft of trade secrets and more. Check out their web site if you're not sure who to contact with your cybercrime issue.