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Internet Software
We have put together a list of popular Internet software that will help you get the most out of your web experience. Some of these titles are much faster, easier to use and more secure than software that comes pre-loaded on your computer. Others add useful functionality and new features to your existing software. Give some of it a try! We are always interested in adding new titles to the list, so if you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Web Browsers: Allow you to access web pages and surf the net
Sasquatch Suggests:     Mozilla Firefox (FREE)
More secure than Internet Explorer. Comes with tabbed browsing, pop up blocking and themes.
FREE: Internet Explorer
The most popular browser, and built into Windows. Fast and widely supported.
FREE: Mozilla Suite
A powerful browser with many ehancements as well as a mail/news reader and HTML editor.
FREE: Maxthon
Based on the Internet Explorer core, it supports themes, popup/ad blocking & tabbed browsing.
FREE: Netscape
Another popular browser with themes, tabbed browsing, ad blocking, buddy list pane & more.
A very fast, up-to-date browser with a ton of features and support for multiple languages.

E-mail Clients: Allow you to read your e-mail and newsgroups
Sasquatch Suggests:     Mozilla Thunderbird (FREE)
A fast, secure mail and news reader with spam filtering, multiple account support & encryption.
FREE: Mozilla Suite
Includes a very good mail and newsgroup reader with multiple accounts and encryption.
FREE: Netscape Mail and Newsgroups
Topheavy browser with a mail and news reader supporting multiple accounts and encryption.
FREE: Microsoft Outlook Express
A fast, basic and easy mail and newsgroup reader that comes with Windows.
Microsoft Office Outlook
A functional, flexible, easy-to-use e-mail client with a calendar, task list and spam filtering.
A somewhat popular mail and news reader with spam filtering.

Browser Add-ons: These programs add new functionality to your web browser
FREE: Google Toolbar
A useful toolbar for Internet Explorer that adds a pop up blocker, search bar & form filler outer.
FREE: Google Web Accelerator
A toolbar that speeds up Internet access. It works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
FREE: Adobe Acrobat Reader
Allows you to read and print Acrobat (PDF) files from your browser.
FREE: Winamp
A popular media player that can play streaming audio launched from a browser (and rip CDs).
FREE: Macromedia Flash Player
Plays Flash movies and animations in your browser. Chances are good that you already have it.
An Internet Explorer toolbar that encrypts your stored password and fills out forms.